A few links to keep you singing, laughing, crying and warrioring on:

The inspiration for my post’s title.

How Happy Couples Manage Their Finances

Have you heard Terry Gross interview Bruce Springsteen? #Realtalk

8 Reasons You Need a Roth IRA Right Now

From one of my medical school friends, a great article discussing some of the deeper emotional issues surrounding money, and how they can keep women in a vicious, self-fulfilling shame spiral of defeat.

Just keep moving. Trust the path.

Almost Friday!!!!!


Author: Diana Boss

I am a resident physician in dermatology, living with my husband and our two little ones in the southern USA.

2 thoughts on “Chained”

  1. Ashley, you are such a beautiful mama. You take such good care of your kids! Also, I was kinda disappointed by Brandi Carlile’s new album. I love Wherever Is Your Heart. I like The Eye, Wilder, Murder in the City, and Heroes and Songs, but I think the album paled in comparison to Bear Creek or Brandi Carlile. I read the about deeper emotional issues surrounding money. I took the quiz she linked on her post and got 2 out of 6. Haha, failure. Should I be investing? Or should I wait until I am out of debt?


    1. Brandi’s self-titled album is one of my favorites of all time. I love Wilder, both the sound of it and the lyrics, and love the message behind it — sometimes being more free/wilder means being contained (chained)–reminds me of the whole concept behind budgeting ;), but I haven’t really gotten into any of the other songs on the album. And the question regarding investing is a great one–one that I want to talk a lot more about on the blog but I’m still learning myself (I’m currently reading the Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need, and it’s pretty good). If I were you I’d probably try to just minimize my debt while in school and then start contributing at least 10-15% of my income to a retirement account with your first job, and invest that money in the stock market. I’d be curious to know what other people would advise you to do, though. Stay tuned for further conversations on this topic exactly!


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